Long-haul flights not only strain your nerves and your wallet, they definitely take a toll on your skin, too. It is generally known that the aircraft air can be amongst the most vicious dehydrating enemies of your skin.

To tackle this problem selected airlines started to provide their esteemed guests with in-house amenity kits containing all necessary personal care items both a woman’s and a man’s heart can possible desire.

Despite the fact that personal care kits have been around for over half a century now, the joy a complimentary bag of goodies brings has never once attenuated. Nowadays however, it is more about functionality, design and the possibility to reuse the kits. Whilst Australian airline Qantas works closely with Kate & Jack Spade to create amenity kits for their business class clients, Asiana Airlines renewed their partnership with skincare brand Biotherm.

In our books however, there has always been only one airline that truly stood out in terms of truly exceptional customer care and that is Emirates. The airline is known for providing superior service to its customers. One of the perks of flying Business or even First Class with Emirates is the glorious personal kit bag a passenger receives upon take-off.

The airline is big on differentiating and catering to different needs and has therefore a couple of versions of amenity kits – all of which sponsored and supported by luxury brand Bvlgari. For instance, the ‘Emirates Indulgence’ Kit for women flying Business Class includes a high-quality, reusable drawstring bag, a hand mirror, Bvlgari 40ml Red Tea Body Lotion, a nourishing face emulsion, a refreshing towel and a miniature spray for that extra hydration kick – all from the same ‘Red Tea’ line by Bvlgari. The male version includes, in addition to all of the already mentioned items, a Rexona deodorant, Gilette Shaving foam and a T&H Razor to cater to specifically male needs.

Indeed, with these amazing personal care kits, flying will be a walk in the park for your skin and hair.

Image: © Matt_Weibo