Esisto is headquartered in Germany and is known for its knitwear. The label’s cosmopolitan trendsetting mindset is characterizing for this brand’s style the most. Originality, innovativeness, inventiveness, creativity and passion are key components that can all be spotted in the playful collections. The good news is you don’t have to wait no more to see the latest collection because Esisto will be exclusively present at the Panorama Fair in Berlin from January 19 – 21.

My favorite part of the Esisto look is the relaxed, harmonic design of the individual pieces, which are mainly combined with excitingly casual outfits in the collections. The latest line is the one for Spring and Summer of 2015. This one is figuratively oozing sunshine through light and friendly shades. The most important attribute here is the realization that knit can actually be worn during the warm days. The finely knitted, light yellow sweater has a unique peekaboo design incorporated in the sleeves. The exactly same sweater, only in grey, appears more casual and light. Nonchalant designs can also be found in leggings, tulip skirts and peg top pants and turn them into respectable fashion items.

 Copyright and Source: http://www.esisto.com