Singer, actress and style icon Jane Birdin served as the source of inspiration for Laurèl’s summer collection 2015. When dealing with the 60ies and 70ies, the fashion label rediscovered the lifestyle and feeling of these very chic decades in order to incorporate these into the here and now. The name “Luxury Hippie” is here defining the style down to the smallest detail. It is a look between modernity and the hippie style, supposed to motivate the wearer to forget her worries.

The countless models here form the golden mean between luxury and the Bohemian look. With the combination of both styles, you are able to dress to impress. Bright yellow is for instance used to convey a very joyful feeling. Black on the other hand expresses timeless elegance.

The entire collection is sophisticated and filled with details, which beautifully refine the look and turn your outfit into a real eye catcher. Not only fringes and sequins embellish the clothing, sophisticated cuts provide the fashion with the necessary wow-factor as well. The striking, noble pant suit in casual off-white is turned into a little feast for the eyes thanks to its sophisticated, loose cut which gives it a very appealing hippie touch.

Experimenting with little changes is what makes the collection very interesting and it is what renders single models within the clothing line even extraordinary. The favorite pieces are the flowing summer dresses and casual overalls – sensual necklines, backless cuts and lavish cutouts contribute to a seductive appearance. Here, the interaction between elegant and casual creations has been placed in the foreground as well.

In January, you can take a look at the new and very promising collection at the  Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin.

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