Italian label A.S.98 is a symbol of productivity, authenticity and tradition. Led by father-son duo Piero and Cristian Olioso, they place great value on the effective designing of their product range. The result? Up to 4000 pairs of high quality shoes are produced every day. Even so, there is a high priority given to maintaining a positive work atmosphere and for the recognition of the employees.

A.S.98 strikes out with a high recall value and succinct style, which includes a varying offer of sneakers, booties, ankle boots and sandals that switch between down-to-earth, flexible, elegant and sexy characters. The bold and stabilizing sneakers stand out with their distinct colors (shimmery red, pink or lilac). Sandals, ankle boots and heels play with features for the ankles, with unique shoe straps and special cuts. This turns the shoe into a real showpiece.

The leather being utilised is the signature feature of A.S.98. It is exclusively produced for the label in Italy, and defines the cuts of the shoes while being precisely arranged. It will be separated into shoe straps and sturdy surfaces that support the foot. Occasionally, it starts softly and vapidly above the ankle, from where it delicately transitions into the rest of the shoe.


Aside from sophisticated shoes, the label also creates stylish and unique bags, and you shouldn’t miss out on them either! Spacey and comfortable with their soft leather structure, they have everything a good bag should have including a chic design.

You can find everything you need in the high quality range of A.S.98, from the small handbag with sturdy straps to cloth bags made of soft leather. With the exceptions of the bold red and reptile-like shimmery green looks, the line mainly focuses on natural looks. The designers also play with patches and mosaic patterns in various shades of brown.

A.S.98 takes us through the streets of Verona, equipping us with secure and attractive shoes, as well as bags for us to carefully pack away our belongings in.


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