The brand Studio Kaprol is not only run by one designer, but several talented artists. In fact, Studio Kaprol represents a kind of platform which gives young artists the chance to present their art in all kinds of fields. Actually, Studio Kaprol does not only consist of designers. Painters, interior architects, graphics designers and other métiers of fine arts participate in this project. Studio Kaprol was founded to unify the world of art without forcing the different art styles to synchronize.

The recent fall and winter collection 2014/2015 was designed by 10 designers at the same time and reflects the wintery mood beautifully in its designs. Be it the color palette or the choice of materials – men and women can discover nonchalant wintery looks which will spice up your everyday life. Words like “urban” and “modern” indeed describe this design experience wonderfully.

The reason for this impression lies in the first place in the cuts. Here, the creative heads really gave their creativity full rain. The designers connected different structures, fabric textures and incorporated extravagant components into the design with the helpf of voluminous structures and overlaid elements. Quilted design clashes with silky, shimmering leather which flatter the body. Waving capes meet sturdy outdoor clothing, whilst mottled jackets are paired with street wear denim styles.

In January, the platform Studio Kaprol presents the newest ideas of its designers at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin.

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