Founded in the year 2010, Holy Ghost  turned into a real lifestyle label marked by a modern, urban style. Two friends called Jelena Hofmann and Sedina Halilovic are the ones pulling the strings behind this brand, both are driven by a passion for fashion. The tasks and the work are clearly assigned. While Sedina is responsible the design, jelena is taking care of the distribution and the marketing. They both however give 100% all the time and they back and support their work 200%. Specialized in ready-to-wear fashion, they set themselves the goal to create timeless trends, which will reflect the urban lifestyle.

For doing so, they use the entire spectrum of what fashion can offer you, filling the fashion gaps with new ideas and innovations. Of course, basics like the blouse can’t be lacking in the assortment. However, extravagant highlights are written in capital letters on the brand’s agenda. It’s the hippie attitude which seems to run through the summer collection 2015 like a golden thread. Whilst a few pieces including the floor-length, loosely cut, striped dress, remind you of a sunny day on the beach, other pieces show us pure urban diversity.

With luscious yellow and loud orange, the summer is reflected in the fashion beautifully. Discreet beige on the other hand will leave you enough room for fashionable interpretations. Floral patterns will revive the feeling of the 70ies, printed on silky fabrics. Besides, relaxing cuts determine the casual image. Furthermore, pieces like the jogging pants, the blouse and the trench coats can be discovered here and truly have the potential to become real favorite pieces.

Holy Ghost defines itself through a design which does not seem overloaded. Instead this brand creates a look which is loved by almost any woman. Focusing on jumpsuits, summer dresses and t-shirts, outfits are created which offer the wearer the ideal base to present their personality. When it comes to Holy Ghost, feeling good in your clothes is more important than living out short-lived hypes and being part of the mainstream. Yes, Holy Ghost indeed creates fashion for the modern woman. If you want to see more then pay the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Weeka visit in January because this brand will showcase its fall and winter collection 2015/2016 there.

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