The world of haute couture is colorful and has many facets. Anything is actually allowed when it comes to avant-garde fashion creations. Using elaborate materials and experimental silhouettes is a must! No other piece of clothing is more haute couture than fur! The great designers have always loved the dramaturgy, the versatility and the charisma of fur fashion.

This is why furs are inevitable for labels like Fendi or Chanel. They certainly know that more and more people are against the use of fur in fashion. Nevertheless, it’ll probably always remain an integral part of it.

No other material is so luxurious and versatile. Elaborate dream robes are created by colorings, washings or seams and stir everyone’s heart in the upper class. Fur coats, which have been created after hours of handcrafting, still stand for pure luxury.

Haute couture is about art and craftsmanship that result in masterful creations. The couture furs are also masterpieces and worshipped by the crème de la crème. Additional details often add the certain something to furs from the haute couture, including for example lovely embroideries, pearls, shorn surfaces or feathers.

Have a look at the fur coats of Fendi’s first haute couture collection.

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