The brand Bennetti has been standing for luxurious and extravagant evening fashion since the year 2003. In said year, the designer Yvonne Benetti opened her first flagship store in New Zealand, after she cooperated with numerous designers in Hong Kong. 4 years had to pass before she decided to return completely to New Zealand. The debut collection of the couture bridal wear was launched in the year 2011.

The Streetwear Collection by Yvonne Bennetti is more elegant and noble than the name suggests. In the collection for 2014, solely dresses with an extraordinary character and charm can be discovered. Some of them are made to brighten up your day. Others will turn you into the star of any evening event. Pastel colors and beige are paired with exciting patterns including a snake skin print for instance. Timeless, classical black and gold are used by Yvonne as well for her magical designs. The lavish details including cut-outs, sequins, fringes and patterns additionally contribute to the extravaganza of her fashion. Pants and tops fit the luxurious style and put the wearer into the limelight with their elegant cuts.

The bridal fashion drips with exclusivity and beauty as well. Beautiful, breathtaking details and high quality will draw you under the dresses’ spell. Yvonne Bennetti incorporated her individual, refreshing and luxurious style into her bridal collection skillfully, staying true to herself once again. Glamorous effects determine the look of most of the white dresses which will turn the bride into a fairy. Well, I am not surprised that Yvonne Bennetti was invited to grace the New Zealand Fashion Weekwith her designs this year.

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