Hello fellow beauty lovers.

From girl to girl, how many pre-Christmas parties have you already attended? The clock ticks and each week is absolutely packed with festive events, right? Take last weekend for instance, I grabbed a couple of my girlfriends and went to a party from somebody’s friend to quickly squeeze in a Girls Night Out before the year ended. But on this doomed Saturday night I made the huge mistake: I actually forgot to bring the one thing I need in a packed environment: Blotting Powder. Now, for a girl, who has a huge problem with an oily T-Zone, this comes close to an apocalypse. A hot night mixed with alcohol is not the best combination in that moment.

Normally, one or two trips to the bathroom are enough. But without the much needed tool, this means trouble.

So after I waited in line for what felt like 30 minutes I finally entered the girls’ bathroom only to find myself without my magic paper. Blotting paper has saved my ass or well, my makeup, dozens and dozens of time. But before I walked out I remembered reading about something that would actually save me out of this misery. So I practically ran to an unoccupied stall and rushed to the one thing that could help me: Toilet paper. Yes, toilet paper. Funnily enough your common blotting paper is sometimes made out of the same material it’s just mixed in with some other chemical stuff. And I am aware that it sounds a little bit gross but it does the job. With only a couple of sheets you can save your makeup from running down your cheeks.

Oh and a little tip here: I always like to separate the different layers. If the layers are thinner, you can see exactly how well this technique works in absorbing the excess oil on your face. So if you ever find yourself in a situation like this, do try it out. 😉

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