Acne Studios is a Swedish fashion house that follows strict principles and places value on high quality. They were founded back in 1996 and with the launch of their latest collection they have managed, yet again, to prove that they dominate in the field of clean creativity. Besides clothing items, Acne Studios also offers accessories of every kind. It all began with a small denim collection, which co-founder Jonny Johannson gave to friends and family as little presents. The little gifts soon gained a lot of appreciation and the label we now love and adore was born.

With the launch of the spring collection of 2015 they joined the Vintage trend and added in a few individual notes to it. The modern “Acne Studios” man wears oversized piece, which kind of remind us of New York in the 90’s. Both the skater shorts as well as t-shirts, dress shirts and jackets were designed in the canny maxi oversize style and make us think  of the street wear we know from “New Kids on the block”. So no matter where you live, Acne Studios will make you stand out from the rest. The sporty elements paired with the oversized look are results of the strong influences from the hip hop culture.

As how to combine those items, you can pair them and even layer them because they’re all color and style coordinated. Black, white, brown, beige and wine red can be mixed and matched entirely to your liking. My favorite ensemble consists of shorts paired with a nice dress shirt with wide stripes. But my heart belongs entirely to the jackets, whether leather or cloth, which glorify the whole college look.


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