This article doesn’t just deal with one classic among denim brands, but particularly with a very special jeans model. It’s about Levi’s®, a denim brand no jeans-lover can go without. Founded in 1853, the label has been creating jeans fashion for more than 150 years. This includes new models, but also those that are made to last.

You’re probably wondering which Levi’s® jeans I’m talking about. It’s the 501® Original, which was first launched in 1873. It has been integral to the product range for more than 100 years. Nonetheless, it hasn’t lost a bit of its outstanding class. Terms like “durability” and “craftsmanship” are associated with the 501® which has become a symbol of rebellion.

Being the first blue jeans, the 501® is indeed a legend, made for trendsetters and pioneers and embodies urbanity thanks to its classical design. While the straight leg and tapered fit remains the same, it’s the details that have been enhanced. Finer strands and sturdier buttons have replaced their forerunners.

Not least because Marlon Brandon and James Dean made the blue jeans popular and also available in bold colors nowadays. The Levi’s® 501® is more than just a pair of jeans. It embodies an entire generation!

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