There are a multitude of trends that are experiencing a revival at the moment, but overalls have to be one of the most hyped ones. Yes, they’re back and with them the possibilities of different styles. Whether you’ll wear them in a nice denim piece for a nice used look or whether your favorite overall is traditionally made out of cord or even completely crazy and multi-colored, believe me when I say that you’ll soon be seeing them in every single fashion magazine, on the streets and of course on the runways all over the world. I’m here today to show you the most beautiful combinations and how to make the most of them without losing your personal style to them.

Dodo Bar Or included overalls in his edgy leather collection and thus made them absolute must-haves for all fans of the “glamour-rock” style, who like to experiment with different designs and cuts.

Dodo Bar Or

Petra Metzger also placed her bets on a bolder design and brought in more volume with a revolutionary touch to them, as did Balmain. Pair the edgy and more rock-y version with simpler clothing items or do it like Petra Metzger and leave out the top altogether.

Petra Metzger & Balmain (v. l. n. r.)

You could also choose a denim option to bring it that certain Rock’n’Roll like the ones Current Elliot offers right now. Their designs are incredibly easy to combine because even with a simple V-Neck shirt or a sweater you’ll look stunning.

Current Elliot

Fashion tycoon Mango on the other hand offers a more casual version, which focuses more on the overalls themselves and kind of ups the amp of said item, which then allows you to wear them on an everyday basis. And Ellus Jeans even went the extra mile and made this trend worth the time of both sexes. The men will get quite masculine looking overalls with edgy buttons and attached pockets à la army style.

Mango & Ellus Jeans (v. l. n. r.)

Between denim, leather and linen, you’ll get the best options laid out in front of you. Whatever you’ll choose, you’ll be perfectly prepped and primed for your next party or a chilled out day and be trendy at the same time.

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