Dress & Hat KIESEL    |    Jacket Heidi Beck    |    Riding Boots Michael Kors

Brrrr – we are aware that the editorial department of Readthetrieb is physically located in Berlin, where the cold November air lets us bibber and shake. But it does not prevent us from day dreaming about a vacation at the sea. We imagine ourselves in South France at French Riviera where we take a stroll down beautiful alleys sprinkled with little cafés in which the smell of delicious bread and cheese tries to lure us in.

The straw hat by Kiesel is a steady companion – even in November, considering that we’re at the French Riviera. This Must-Have accessory protects us from the ever-shining sun and gives us a certain feeling of being free. The short dress, also by Kiesel, accentuates Franzi’s beautiful long legs without showing off too much sex appeal because the feminine cut tends to underscore the elegance of the wearer. The eye-catching piece, the jacket by fashion designer Heidi Beck is the perfect accessory to carry with you. Because when the sun goes down and the evening chill is slowly pervading the city, this will be the protection from the cool breeze. It provides us with the right amount of warmth and timeless classiness.

This outfit is a reason for you to get some thick tights so that you can wear it even in the winter time.



 Image Rights: Agonist Solaris


Nail Design & Makeup


Photographer: Dirk Schaper
Model: Fränzi Czurratis