Paris is not only the city of love, but also the city of fashion. There, where fashion is still a phenomenon which is dominating the everyday lives of the inhabitants, the fashion house Daniel Hechter emerged in the 60ies. In Paris, the crème de la crème is coming together. Daniel Hechter founded his brand with the goal to impress the Parisian couturiers with his fashion in which he succeeded. His couture lines are defined by a natural elegance. Nevertheless, in order to make couture more available for everyone, he places value on affordable prices despite the outstanding quality and elaborate design of his fashion.

In general, Daniel Hechter is of the opinion that everyone should be able to dress uniquely. Noble fashion should not be a luxury only a few people can enjoy. This wish is still what drives and fuels the brand Daniel Hechter. In the year 2015, the fashion by this talented designer is as usual very elegant and appeals to men and women of every age with extraordinary chic.

Women can indulge in a rather classical collection with sporty influences for the winter 2015. Five whole topics divide the line into different styles. From “Smokey Eyes” to “Rock around the Clock” or “Material Girl” – diversity is the alpha and omega here. Modern and feminine shapes unite the different looks. Voluminous structures, leather, knitted fabrics and denim play a crucial role and transform Hechter’s fashion into real eye catchers.

The men’s collection is excitingly chic and will give you the perfect base to dress to impress. The suit is emphasized as the key piece of an elegant man’s wardrobe. No matter whether you are heading to a business meeting or a lunch break – dulled colors and the noble design will make you look good in all kinds of formal occasions.

As from January 19th, Daniel Hechter will be present at the Panorama Messe Berlin. Don’t miss his fashion!

Copyright and Source: http://www.daniel-hechter.com