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Fashion News 2014: COS, for men & women – Fall & Winter 2014/15

COS, founded in the year 2007, is definitely a brand worn by every Berlin gal or guy who doesn’t only enjoy fashion, but considers it a mirror of one’s personality – it’s a brand for real fashion victims. COS is short for ”Collection of Style“ – what a clear message. The label offers women as well as men high-quality, elaborate and well thought-out design. The core of the collections is the timeless look which is fashionably implemented with the help of lovingly chosen details. It’s innovation which is standing in the center, no matter whether it comes to the choice of materials or the new techniques used for the design of the garments. The fall and winter collection is particularly marked by a classical character, colored in mainly dulled colors and pastel shades. Uncompromisingly straight lines and discreet pleats define the different clothes. Subtle highlights which are particularly visible in the silhouettes and the shapes run through the collection like a golden thread.

The boyish winter coat is as straight-lined as the skirt, the jumper or the blazer. Decorative pleats embellish skirts and dresses to set accentuations. Single tops are made of fabrics which don’t crease, which makes them appear almost sculptural. The result is a real eye catcher which fans of purism will fall in love with. The men’s wear too fits in the classical pattern of this street wear brand and is marked by characteristic key pieces. Pleated pants, sports coats and shirts can be discovered in the men’s assortmentm. The deciding attribute however is the combination of dark nuances with shrill neon nuances like a bright yellow. Individual garments made of black leather form the highlights of the collection, like the polo shirt which caught our attention. COS indeed knows how to revive old classics and give them a modern look which drips with refreshing sophistication.




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