Because you don’t always want to wear the same eyeliner, this look is a great alternative which is so flashy that it can be used as an accessory for your outfit. In one of my previous articles I showed you how to achieve the double eyeliner. This look is very similar to that, because the most important tool you need is a white eyeshadow base, such as the NYX jumbo pencil in ‘Milk’, which helps your eyeshadows to appear more vibrant.

1. Apply it with a thin eyeliner brush, as if you would do with your usual eyeliner.

2. After that, it’s time to choose the colors for this look. For me, it was blue, purple, pink and a light pink shade. For the first part of the eyeliner, I applied a white eyeshadow in the inner corner.

3. Subsequently, I applied the light pink, pink, purple and the blue eyeshadow. Remember to blend the colors very well, to make the transition appear flawless.

4. For the next step I decided to take my black eyeliner and draw a thin line below that eyeliner we just created, to give my eyes more definition. To complete this look, apply a couple coats of mascara, and you’re done!

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