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Cigdem Akin left a great impression with an extraordinary fashion line featuring tradition and avant-garde structures on the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Istanbul . The unusual interaction between those two trends was mixed with opaque colors, which perfectly matched the style of a pulsating metropolis. She managed to mirror the spirit of Istanbul when presenting her latest womenswear collection in mid-October.

The present fall/winter collection however, was also amended by garments for men. With an unmistakable charisma her fashion conquered the fashion industry in mere minutes. The individual style was formed by unexpected sensuality, cheeky classic pieces and new fabrics. What really caught my eyes were impressive headpieces that made the wearer look like a modern Cleopatra.

Whilst sensuality and shapes were clearly in the limelight in terms of womenswear, flowing fabrics and forms were the center of attention in the men’s department. They reminded me of traditional garments. Cut-outs, lace and tulle were key players on the runway as well as edgy attachments on sleeves, shoulders and collars. Those details were sported by both men and women and transformed them into sculpture-like mannequins.

In terms of colors, Cigdem Akin really focused on a royal blue and a modest combination of black and white with individual metallic highlights for this year’s fall and winter collection. Elegance made easy

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