A friend of mine had two tickets for the preview of “The Maze Runner”. She had to interview one of the actors and to be fully prepared she had to see the movie first, so lucky me was invited to see it with her. I’m going to see the movie before it’ll be released to the public, incredible!

We were already running late when I met her at Leicester Square because the tube had a delay. Yes, that’s also a thing here in London, the trains and the tube are frequently late! We went into the theaters and took our seats. Each seat had a bottle of water, popcorn or chocolate just waiting to be devoured. That was quite nice. The most important “F’s” in life for me were Films & Food For Free. So I really enjoyed it. Until this point I had no idea what to expect.

The movie “The Maze Runner” is about a group of boys that are imprisoned and surrounded by a huge maze. This group has two runners, who have been tasked to explore the area outside their makeshift camp. Each month a new boy is added to the group but when the main protagonist enters the scene everything changes. The end of the movie is quite open because this movie is part of a trilogy. That would explain the unfinished business.

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