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Now you have found the perfect MAC lipstick on Kleiderkreisel for an awesome generous price, but you still got no money on the bank to call this lipstick yours? Then you should definitely consider selling your stuff on online market places.

The trend is definitely heading towards mobile market places, where you can discover treasures and bargains just like on a real flea market on a Sunday morning but literally from your bed! We all know this little scenario: The closet is overfed, the purse – not so much.

To be able to really throw things out whilst earning a buck or two at the same time? That probably sounds like a fairytale come true. I’ve been into this flea market topic for a month now to clean out the house a little bit, basically getting more organized whilst earning money. One look into Ebay and I was immediately scared off by all the new functions and the fees. Thank Lord you can count on witty, hard-working people, who tackle those kinds of problems and invent dozens of apps, where you can sell your stuff without having to worry about fees. Kleiderkreisel hardly needs an introduction. If you guys read a couple of my past articles, you’ll know that I am a big fan.

But I have, however, discovered a couple of new really exciting apps, that ease my life and bring me bucks. „Shpock“– the shop in your pocket is the rising star amongst the flea market apps and it is from Austria. It is the perfect place for you to look for bargains or opportunities to sell your stuff and it is easy, too. Just take your phone, make a picture of your desired object, determine size and price and post it online. Long item descriptions and unnecessary details are so yesterday! It’s all about your pictures! The whole thing categorizes the products posted online after determining where you are to filter out the things closest to you. You can basically say bye bye to the post office because you can sell it in mere minutes, where the buyer even gets up and picks it up from your house. Who doesn’t love this? Do try it out sometime; it is so worth your while.

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