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The brand Yang Li  relies on a few very subtle color shades for this year’s fall/winter collection. That is exactly the way to do it because  the artfully cut patterns can then really shine. Monochrome ensembles are anything but monotonous with the help of different fabrics, others through combinations of two different colors. An intense black clearly plays the main part in this collection, followed by a marooney wine red and a highly pigmented beige.

Those shades aren’t just staple colors for fall and winter, they are also classics. What’s not typical and classic are the different cuts in both women’s and men’s wear. The breathtakingly avant-garde pieces for summer 2015 could already be seen live at the Paris Fashion Week.

When it comes to womenswear it is all about the silhouettes. This is being skilfully handled by different designs ranging from pieces with a lot of volume to body-hugging items. By combining different forms, each model is turned into an eye catcher. I not only like the look consisting of dramatic draperies and cut-outs, I also love the combination of flowy fabric with fur, tulle and leather. What really transforms a dress, jumpsuit or crop top here are the luxurious details like unique asymmetric cuts and zippers.

The menswear is also really elegant to say the least. You will find equally beautiful combinations of different materials. Matching the wintery months Yang Li really builds on dark fur in combination with static fabrics. Through the use of elegant as well as casual fashion Yang Li really succeeds in creating a balance between different styles and creates a complete new look for the modern man.

Yang Li indeed let a truly bold, strong and impressive collection, bursting with confidence, come into being for the winter.

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