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 Kupferdach Production designs couture fashion and couture jewelry. Especially their fashion is specialized in sustainability, mostly using Austrian or textiles produced in areas closely located to Austria. Designer Theodor Kupferdach as well as his partner Thomas Hovezak also place value on fair wages. For their jewelry line, they count on upcycling and turn Old into New. This small business was founded in the middle of the 19th century. Together with his wife, the designer invents mesmerizing gadgets and precious jewelry in the steampunk style.

Aside from barrettes, charms or tie-clips in a squiggly, classy steampunk design, it’s the complex achines that represent this brand. One example might be a hands-free kit, made of an old telephone system and headphones. In Kupferdach’s treasure chest, you can find real trinkets, unique bricolages and impressive unica. The couple likes to make use of used dials or clockworks for their machines and jewelry pieces. Here, it’s especially the recycled and refined buttons that are so popular thanks to their incredible finesse.

On the other hand, we have the couture fashion that stands out with antique grandeur and elegant performances. The dresses remind us of royal grace and represent  class and style. Each dress is characterized by details, including gathers and lacings. Even male clients can find elegant fashion here: classic suits that are embellished with ruffles.

Last time, you could visit their beautiful pieces at their stand 206 at the MQ Vienna Fashion Week. I hope, none of you missed it?

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