Paul Direk has been creating fashion for him and her under his own label since 2006. He believes that everyone deserves to express one’s own personality with the help of individual designs – but of course at fair price! In his collections, he makes this belief real. Thereby, he focuses on edged structures, which partly even include futurist features.

This is for example demonstrated by the summer collection 2014 in which geometric forms stand out. Different structures, like rectangles, circles or triangles and squares serve as templates and appear on every occasion. Peek-a-boos or cut-outs shaped like triangles can be found on the creations for instance.

The line appears unisex, partly androgynous and therefore quite appropriate to be worn by both men and women. While the cloth pants receive a flowing character thanks to the low-fit crotch, the tops are often designed in edged and angular styles. Women are especially offered crops tops, which spice up the casual look. Men wear sweaters, t-shirts or shirts, which also appear in an angular design.

The entire line is kept in contrasting black and white, which add an extra helping of power to the tough designs. This color choice completes the unusual line with special structures. Paul Direk’s fashion was featured at the MQ Vienna Fashion Week  in mid-September.

Paul D

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