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 The Nolcha Fashion Week in New York City began on September 8, 2014, opening its doors for visitors and press. For six years, this fashion event offers a stage for independent designers who want to present their creations to the world. Not only the positive feedback makes this event interesting, the anticipation of the designers also arouses interest.

Oiselle is a participating and special label. The designer Sally Bergesen and her team bring athletic models onto the catwalk, because her fashion appeals to sporty women who love exercising, especially running. Sport is not only the aim, but also the inspiration – that’s why Oiselle also sponsors professional athletes!

Sweatpants, tops, running tights, sports bras and many more accessories are characterized by a sporty design, high quality and technical refinement. Oiselle’s creations support your activity and make you look great at the same time. Cheerful neon colors emphasize femininity and vivacity in a very pleasant way. Believe me, it’s real fun to exercise and run with Oiselle!


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