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In her fall and winter collection 14/15 Holly Fulton proves her sense for timeless elegance with striking cuts and harmonious colors. It almost seems as if she reinvented the urban chic with pastel colors and edges. With this line she didn’t only succeed in drawing the fashion world under her spell, but alsoconquered streets of your city.

Feminine, voluminous silhouettes define the line. Tapered cloth pants, oversized coats and flowing, slightly tapered dresses are perfect for a business look, seduce as a party outfit and accompany you casually as an ensemble for your free time. These models are dedicated to the dynamic, self-confident, modern and cosmopolitan woman. Holly Fulton is inspired by the musicians Daphne Oram and Delia Ann Derbyshire, both artists who make electronic music.

Futurist elements are taken into the collection. This includes for example high-shine screens which have been attached to the fabrics. Mosaic-like patterns refine a futurist fashion repertoire that receives a luxurious character thanks to precious materials. Cashmere and knitwear are highlighted with sequins, patterns and metallic shine. The color palette consists of mesmerizing fall shades, like chestnut and wine red, extended by pastel colors in delicate beige and blue and completed by the classics black and white. The sophisticated look takes you on a trip full of surprises and changes.

Also the summer collection is full of variety and stands out with mosaic-like patterns. Sporty statement pieces like the preppy sweater are added to the line, as well. Cut-outs make the line seductive and wearable for summer. And joyful color shades perfectly matches summer time.

Last time at the London Fashion Week, she seduced us with her new summer collection 2015. We hope you didn’t miss that show!

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