Cabinet of Curiosities is the name of Rianna’s and Nina’s shop in the heart of Berlin Mitte. The two designers met each other at a trade fair where they soon discovered many similarities among themselves, including their love of vintage, colors and rare garments. Both are fascinated by vintage fashion and use this fascination to create something new.

The colorful design of their fashion makes it so unique. Here, you’ll find high fashion with avant-garde traits, which is still down to earth. The collection includes accessories such as scarves, shawls and bags as well as garments from flowing tunics and jackets to cardigans and jackets.

Voluminous, flowing silhouettes with a lot of space for impressive patterns is typical for Rianna und Nina. They’re often marked by floral and geometric motifs which complement each other. Boredom doesn’t exist here. These two designers pursue a unique style with their extravagant hippie fashion.

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