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Behind palmer//harding two brilliant minds are pulling the strings, who successfully run this label with their talent, experience and a personal touch. Both men and women will get their fill out of the fashion items that feature a whole range of urban trends. Clear silhouettes, small and smart details and a cleverly chosen color palette clearly direct the tone of the line. So it should be no surprise to you when I say that these two designers were part of the London Fashion Week.

The collections are unusual & chic as well as subtle & classic. Levi Palmer and Matthew Harding refer to the T-shirt as the typical product and flagship item of their brand. But make no mistake, they also experimented with a lot of other products and styles. After their debut in 2011 they’re now present with the Fall/Winter collection and reached a whole new level of sophistication with it.

In terms of womenswear this collection was skillfully equipped with flowing fabrics and edgy features. These normally quite contrary materials were combined through various cutting techniques, which then resulted into a subtle asymmetry. This aims to cause an exciting frenzy whilst still staying down-to-earth. The pieces reach a beautiful high due to a great color palette including a vibrant white, neon green or metallic shades. Additional details like braided leather, fringes and cut-outs flatter each wearer.

The men amongst you can expect a churning interaction between common and rather unusual designs. The pants, for instance, are bigger than usual and are to be worn a little tighter around the waist. The shirts are combined with leather bracelets and boxy jackets, cheekily finished off by lively neon shades to guarantee a admiring glance or two.

The summer collection of 2015 is the complete opposite – the womenswear is marked by girly elements with delicate and sweet vintage features whilst the menswear appears to be more urban and sporty. It does remind me of young street wear and really impressed me with colorful prints.

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palmer//harding, season 2013

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