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Good Faith that’s the label by Sofia Aroha and is the epitome for an unforgettable journey through the world of fashion. The talented designer aims to show women the path to themselves and wants to gift them the present of trust. Trust in finding true love. The label was officially founded in 2012. Its collections are produced in New Zealand. Sofia has Maori origins and it definitely shows both in her style and lines.

Indigenous patterns on modern designs are the signature style of Good Faith. The summer dresses are edgy and Crop Tops can be both trendy and traditional. The reason for that lies within the patterns, which come into being through cut-out for instance.

Sofia created waisted skirts and shorts to mix and match with trendy tops and bodices. The cuts may be simple but stand in a total contrast to bright and colorful prints, which make the designs extremely exciting. A whole jewelry line held in tropical hues incorporating for instance pearls completes the whole colorful and fun style of a thrilling new fashion line.

On Augst 29th at 11am you will be able to see all of the above at the New Zealand Fashion Week.

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