This week, the world’s largest electronics fair has ended. In short, this year’s highlights at the IFA are all about smartphones, smartwatches, tablets and smart gadgets such as the Samsung VR glasses. Quite a ‚smart‘ event, isn’t it?

Just for you, I’ve been looking for the coolest, most innovative and best products exhibited at the fair.


First of all, I couldn’t help but notice the Asus ZenWatchIt’s currently the only smartwatch that offers high-quality feel and style for only €199. Unfortunately, the watch looks really manly though. I doubt it was meant for girls like me. As of now, the ZenWatch release date has not been announced.


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Furthermore, Samsung has presented their Alpha Male at the IFA 2014. This is the first time I have to admit that Samsung designed a really gallant and beautiful Smartphone. It features a full aluminum body, its specs are similar to the Samsung Galaxy S4’s. Even though Samsung announced a rather hefty SRP of €649 for a mediocre equipped smartphone, there’s already retailers listing the Samsung Galaxy Alpha for only €450 – that’s a decent price for a great phone!

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eReader company kobo had a really exciting exhibition, displaying the new kobo aura H2OThey had a pretty vase filled with water in order to prove that the kobo aura H2O really is water resistant! Soon, I’ll be able to read my favorite books while taking a bath, without worrying about it falling down and getting wet! However, its pricing suggests this will be an upper class eReader. kobo’s RSP is 180€.

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Last but not least, Panasonic is giving us a taste of the future! Their Panasonic RP-HGS10 literally are headphones. Instead of plugging your ears up with earphones and not being able to pay attention to your surroundings, these headphones are next to your ears and sending vibrations through your cranial bone, thus creating sound! Without any negative impact on your hearing, this is a great gadget for athletes and people like me who love cycling. With this headset, I could listen to music without having to worry about my safety! I’ll tell you the best thing about it: It’s going to cost only €70 – so Panasonic made a bit of the future affordable!

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