The food trucks trend comes from New York, where the driving food temples quickly became a huge trend, which is why it was only a matter of time before this trend would slop over to Germany. There are now traveling restaurants in this country a whole lot of them are found in Berlin. However, the food trucks have very little in common with the snack bars of the past. This trend is about quality products and innovative recipes which are supposed to inspire the customers in the long run.

These food trucks gather on street food markets to offer visitors a unique culinary experience. In Berlin, you can find these markets in several districts. One of the most popular street food markets was held at Neue Heimat until recently, which unfortunately had to close its doors. However, that is far from the end for the Berliner street food movement, which is currently experiencing a boom.

The Kulturbrauerei in Prenzlauer Berg opens its doors for lunch on Sundays when it’s time again for “Street Food auf Achse “. There you can enjoy local specialties from various countries and innovative recipes. In Kreuzberg, the Markthalle 9 has become a popular street food venue. A street food market takes place there every Thursday, but the place itself is already worth a visit.

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