To handle a cell phone or take a picture of the Big Ben belongs to a trip to London just as much as eating in a pub. So when I was on the way to explore the city for you, I thought about that and I got hungry. Lunch time, so I just went to look for the nearest pub and luckily I found one. Because in almost every street in London there is at least one. “The Crown” sounds posh.

I ordered one of the daily specials, Macaroni and cheese. Not typically English, I know, but you can’t go wrong with 7.50 pounds including a drink. I ordered at the bar and also paid at the same time, then I went to find a table.




The pub is pretty and the furniture is very rustic. The atmosphere was great, everything made me feel very comfortable and welcome. At 3.30 pm the pub was relatively quiet because many customers were enjoying a meal, some sitting with laptops on their desks and work, others were here for a little chat.

The food was served by a mini-lift in the wall, next to the bar. The barmaid chatted briefly with each new guest who came in which I think is a nice gesture to make everyone feel at home.  I didn’t observe for longer because the food was ready and served. It went really fast, I only had to wait five minutes! But well, it is the daily special, which should already be prepared en masse early in the morning.

The food looked great and the portion was quite big. Visually, there was nothing to complain about, but the taste? Mhh … Yes, that’s what Macaroni should taste like. The food was really hot, but also really delicious. You won’t leave the pub hungry afterwards. Even the bread which tasted quite herby was really excellent and crispy. Unfortunately, I was too full to try a dessert. So, I guess I’ll have to go back there for you. 😉

In the end, you can’t say anything bad about the “The Crown” pub. The food was awesome and you do not feel lonely even if you were eating alone. So my first pub night was a great success. I’m going to go to pubs more often in the future. Follow me on Instagram readthetrieb_uk to see which pubs and other restaurants you should try out in London.


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