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Julien Macdonald designs pieces for his collections that have everything that a woman expects from a jaw-dropping dress. Glamorous designs, which can be worn at those special kinds of events and are what a girl’s dream is made of. You can see that the designer really makes an effort because every little detail is proof for his sophistication. Even the celebrities are converted fans of the unique sex-appeal and the glamour that Julien’s dresses embody. The timeless design, which can be worn from every age group, already was presented on the red carpet by gorgeous ladies like Kirsten Steward, Taylor Swift and Heidi Klum!

This year’s fall and winter collection takes us on a journey through sensual extravagance and seductive elegance. Glistening dresses with different lengths and in different designs harmonize perfectly despite their different natures. The colors gold and silver are the main shades of the collection, beautifully combined with beige and grey. The shimmering colors were used in a braided, floral and frilled form to adorn the precious dresses. Sequins especially play a huge role when it comes to gowns like that. Those are the much needed details that transform those dresses into feminine, body-hugging and stunning gowns.

Not only the design itself flatters the body of the wearer, no, many dresses really are transformed into real stunners with the aid of cut-outs and semi-sheer elements. You practically look at a wisp of nothing and what can be more sensual than a dress which lets a lot of skin shine through. Deep necklines and cut-outs on the legs, waist and stomach are more than just sexy. My personal favorite dress consists of feathers and sparkly elements that hug the whole body.

The summer collection as well can hardly be beaten in terms of luxurious extravagance. The designer unusually used cooler tones for this collection. We’re talking white, black and silver that cling to the wearer in form of flowing materials that especially highlight the numerous details on the pieces. The show of the designer, who clearly sets the tone in the fashion world, can be admired at on September 13 at 12pm at the London Fashion Week.

We really hope that you haven’t missed this one!

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