With their latest Sony XPERIA Z3 release, Sony has decided not to go with the extreme QHD and 2k resolution trend which has recently hit the Smartphone branch. QHD resolution is actually used for monitors that are utilized for professional image editing. A 2k resolution is used for PC monitors and TVs which are 16:10 instead of 16:9. That’s why Sony is thinking: Why the hell should Smartphones feature a QHD or 2k resolution screen?

In my eyes, Sony did the right thing by keeping the “worse” display. On the rather small smartphone displays, we can’t see the difference between normal HD or the most advanced QHD and 4K resolutions.

What’s more important for you when getting a new smartphone? A battery that lasts for two days or a display with an ultra-high resolution and therefore a phone which dies on you within a few hours?


Information Source: http://www.mobilegeeks.de/ifa-sony-xperia-z3-im-direkten-vergleich-mit-dem-xperia-z2-video/

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