Isabel Marant is a French fashion creator and founded her eponymous label in 1995 already. In this way, she definitely convinces her fans and the entire fashion world with the single fact that she indeed is an experienced professional in this field. Her collections always look harmonious, featuring the typical Marant style which appears very casual. Her collection for the spring and summer is inspiring and seduces with a strong contrast between a cute style and a lot of sex appeal. However, both looks in the end become one and result in a very seductive general image.

In order to achieve this style, Isabel Marant makes use of the contrasting colors black and rose. The designs are short and revealing. They are cropped and consist of transparent fabrics, which means that you will be well prepared for a hot summer. At the same time, the wearer is put into the limelight and will probably turn many heads and cause the temperatures to rise even further.

The contrast between the sweet and rose red valances, vintage lace and black leather with decorative grommets and laces is what lends this collection its special charm. The open edge style of the denim additionally contributes to a rebellious character. In this collection, there is a print which you definitely can’t ignore. Colored in brown, green and yellow, it depicts a washed out, floral pattern on a thin, flowing fabric.

The collection for spring and summer 2014 by Isabel Marant will definitely catch a lot of attention and cause many jealous glances.

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