Finally – you can officially say that gaming isn’t merely a boys’ thing.

In a study the Entertainment Software Association (ESA) has concluded that women aged above 18 years are currently the largest group among gamers. Around 36 per cent of all gamers, thus, are female and over 18 years old.

The men aren’t falling too far behind – around 35 per cent of the gamers are male and aged above 18 years. In the past, male gamers below 18 years were the main target group – by now the gaming community consists of only 17% of this group.

The group of female players particularly grew to a great extent in the past years – by 32 per cent to be precise.

One thing that should not be left out however, is the fact that it’s handheld gaming which is gaining popularity at a steady pace. Most of the female gamers are rather playing tablet games such as Angry Birds, while Consoles and Computer Games are still dominated by male players.

And that’s where you sort the wheat from the chaff – a casual handheld gamer or a PC Pro-Gamer? I can confirm that when it comes to console and PC games, girls are still vastly outnumbered by boys. But I’m sure that this will change in the future!