No Man’s Sky was first introduced at the Gaming Expo VGX 2013 and has been on quite the hype train ever since. The indie developers Hello Games also stated that No Man’s Sky will be released in 2015.

No Man’s Sky is a unique and promising game presenting a whole new way of gaming. In No Man’s Sky, the player can explore a randomly generated universe consisting of over 18 quintillion possible planets. A single player would need about five billion years in order to explore the whole universe.

Open World becomes Open Universe, thus you’re travelling the space in your space ship until you find a planet you would like to explore. You can land on a planet and leave your ship in order to explore every single corner and secret a planet might have – there’s different forms of life found in the waters, woods and skies of each planet.

What mesmerizes me the most about the game however are all those beautiful colors, the theme and the music. I think No Man’s Sky is going to be an unbelievably relaxing and soothing game – and that’s what gamers have been hoping for after all those shooters and horror games. Nonetheless, you can’t say that this going is all about relaxing and leaning back. In fact, survival is going to play an important role apart from exploration. You will have to face animals and other enemies.

I think this No Man’s Sky trailer will perfectly display why I am so fascinated with the game! Watch this Trailer!

No Man’s Sky will be available on PlayStation 4 and computers with Microsoft. Nonetheless, No Man’s Sky won’t be a MMO game because the possibility of meeting another player in such a gigantic world is so low that Hello Games incorporated AI players to rid you of your loneliness…

I’m really looking forward to this game!

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