The jewelry by Maria Nilsdotter has already been seen on the bodies of world stars like Madonna – no wonder, because the influences from fairy tales and mythology inspired the designer to create playful pieces of art. The first pieces were made personally by Maria. Craftsmanship is still a crucial principle this brand follows today, but the products are now produced under supervision in England and Sweden.

For winter 2014, the motives for the jewelries are going to be very diverse. Both, animals as well as geometric shapes and playful elements are included in the collection. Silver and gold are complemented with simple colored stones. Those who prefer more natural shapes will also find a glamorous solution with their uniquely formed rings. Maria Nildotter incorporates little monsters. Monstrous eyes and jaws are sparkling like mad. The summer line though, goes another path, it is heading towards heaven where the angels live. The various colored noble metals are classily and rather modestly combined. Geometric shapes are the foundation of many jewelry pieces and they fit amazingly with the classic concept of summer.

Starting on August 28th at 12pm, Maria Nilsdotter will present her jewelry collection for summer 2015 at the Fashion Week Stockholm.

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Copyright: and, Pictures by Kristian Löveborg