Ida Klamborn definitely bestowed a large helping of glamour on the Fashion Week Stockholm. She presented a breathtaking glamour whose intensity was based on the uniqueness of her silhouettes. This is fashion which is wearable and yet individually designed. Ida simply knows how to capture modernity with innovative cuts. These are then paired with plain colors, while a few geometrical patterns cap it all off.

The winter season 2014 focuses on a color concept consisting of black, wine red, pink and white. All in all, this color scheme exudes a classical flair which is yet marked by modern elements. Boyish as well as geometrical cuts are yet made to flatter the feminine charms of the wearer.

With the help of voluminous elements, which run through the collection like a golden thread, the feminine elegance is accentuated beautifully. Thanks to the contrasts emerging from the smart incorporation of the colors, thanks to the flowing transitions and sharp edges, the mysterious image of the woman now seems complete. On Thursday, August 28th, at 20:00, Ida Klamborn will present her new collection for the Spring and Summer 2015 to you, which will be filled with surprises!

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