Sarah Kaldewey creates a new understanding of fashion with the help of her fashion label, Atelier Kaldewey, which is especially expressed in reduced shapes. In this unique design, we can find a combination of minimalism and subtle details that enhance the modern look. The trained dressmaker counts on individual perfection, which is why she only uses high-quality materials.

Timeless design is an integral part of her collections which she launches at irregular intervals. Atelier Kaldewey specializes in customized production, meaning creations that are only handcrafted after having received an order from her clients. Everything is built upon one another such that the unique selection is steadily extending and the number of combinations is always rising.

The handmade quality strikes out the most. So does her passion that stands behind the creations. A unique fashion universe is developed between the ready-to-wear line and the customized pieces. Both the cuts and the colors indulge in sophisticated reluctance, causing the subtle classics like grey, white and black to become the favorite colors of the studio.

The designer offers two different lines in which she presents new, urban fashion. “Kaldewey handcrafted” and “NEONLACHS” offer you the newest fascinating fashion pieces.

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