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Marta Marques and Paulo Almeida are the two brilliant minds behind the label Marques’ Almeida. Before they teamed up and founded their own brand back in 2011, they both gained experiences in the Womenswear department. Only 3 years later their work has been featured in big fashion magazines like “Elle” and “Vogue” and appealed to numerous fashionistas from the very first minute.

From their latest summer collection you can expect modern, cheeky and provocative hippie looks. That means fringed denim and see-through flowing fabric that add a touch of vintage à la Bohemian to the whole thing. To match the hippiedom, many of their pieces show a lot of skin through the sheer materials. And don’t forget about those flared pants, miniskirts and even cow fur samples in this collection. Fringed seams as well as asymmetric cuts à la patchwork emphasize the trendy used look. As for the colors in this collection, well, next to your typical indigo, you’ll also find white and green, even individual batik elements. My favorite pieces include for instance the bandeau tops made out of denim and the asymmetric wrapped tops with bows.

At the London Fashion Week you could get an exclusive glimpse into what you could expect from the collection. Marques’ Almeida fascinated and captured numerous of fans with their amazing show.

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