At By BURINeverything revolves around one of the most beautiful materials in the world: leather. But that’s not it. Apart from bags and shoes, the brand also creates beautiful belts which show that this luxurious material is incredibly diverse. In natural color nuances, the accessories by BURIN conquer the fashion world by storm.

The brand has never stood for exaggerated design, covered with countless details. Instead, the wonderful attributes of the leather are accentuated with classy looks. The accentuations are placed absolutely elaborately and provide the classical design with a modern attitude. Thus, the accessories by the brand are made for eternity and represent real highlights in an era ruled by short-lived trends.

The shoulder bag, shopper and the clutch are offered in the colors brown, grey and black. They are adorned with gravures, bold ornamental seams or studs. All the decorative details are adjusted to the design carefully which ensures a harmonic overall package. In terms of shoes, Burin too relies on a modern and classical style. Feminine, sometimes rocking, but always designed absolutely immaculately.

Bold, graceful, elegant and sturdy – these shoes are defined by a high quality. The summer collection for the coming year will be presented at the beginning of August at the international fashion fair  CIFF in Copenhagen. Don’t miss it!

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