Blue Jeans are an indispensable part of our everyday lives. Be it for kids, women or men, fashionistas or punks, denim is omnipresent and an integral part of the fashion world. Jeans is made of typical denim and received the name “blue jeans” back in 1920. The first pair blue jeans was made by Levi Strauss, whose brand Levi’s is still synonymous with high-quality denim fashion today.

The first pair of blue jeans was created in 1972. It’s the legendary Levi’s 501® Original, which is still present in the product range of the traditional brand. These blue jeans made of denim are characterized by their striking design and are now considered the voice of rebellion. The blue jeans are not only a fad, but a symbol of a youth movement in the 50s.

Ever since James Dean and Marlon Brando made the blue jeans socially acceptable, they can probably be found in any wardrobe nowadays. The deep blue dye indigo was first responsible for different colorings of the jeans. Today, there are of course numerous shades. Even Levi’s presents the classic 501® in bold colors.

After the hype around jeans broke out, their design has been changed within the last few decades. In the 70s, it was the flared pants that used to be popular, while the 90s was full of high waists, which is still frequently seen today. In the 80s it was all about the skinnies. The Blue Jeans have many facets and one of them is sure to meet your demands.

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