The fall and winter collection by  Franziska Michael  this year promises to be filled with excitement and tension, which you can see at the very first glance already. The feminine silhouette is accentuated by countless cuts which however can appear tomboyish as well. Combining masculine and feminine elements, many oversize creations emerge and give the clothing line a very individual character.

The materials embrace the body almost in a straight and architectural way. There are hardly any pieces of clothing which reveal a great amount of skin. They all veil the wearer and seem to coat her with pure elegance. Franziska believes in the beauty of natural shades when it comes to the choice of colors, relying on bright nuances and brown tones.

Considering the range of materials, she lets out her full creativity, experimenting and playing with them. Exotic materials like synthetic ones or leather are used in the breathtaking clothing line. Floor-length boyish coats and knee socks, crop sweaters and many more amazing garments form the eye-catching look.

The line however also has something in store for men who can enjoy modern and architectural-appearing pieces. The artistic shapes symbolize the innovative character of the brand Franziska Michael which was founded by the eponymous designer in the year 2013. Since then it has been prioritizing creativity and quality. No wonder Franziska Michael was invited to take part in the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week .

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