Close your eyes, you’ll see even more!“

Direction: Casper Csupo

Jess Aarons: Josh Hutcherson;  Leslie Burke: Anna Sophia Robb

First of all, the fact that children play the lead parts does not make this a movie for kids. Young adults can learn something here as well. Secondly, please don’t you watch the trailer, it gives a completely wrong impression of the plot.

This film is an adaptation of a book written by Katherine Paterson based on her son’s experiences in his childhood. He wrote the movie’s script. The book was supposed to help her son to deal with a traumatizing experience during his childhood.

The story is about a young misfit called Jess. He doesn’t have real friends at school and receives little attention from his family. This changes when Leslie comes to his school. She’s also considered an outsider because she’s new. The two of them get to know each other and become friends.

They build up a dream world called Terabithia, a place without worries about school or family. But the harmony doesn’t last, because something terrible happens. “Bridge to Terabithia“ is a film about the friendship between a girl and a boy building up their own imagined kingdom in order to escape from reality, perfect for everyone who misses childhood.

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