Daniel Radcliffe is back in the theatres as Allen Ginsberg. Allen is a young student at Columbia University in New York close to the post-war period in the States in 1944. He starts to leave his old life behind, spends time with new romances and friend because one particular new friend, Lucien Carr, sees something in him. The clique consists of 4 young aspiring writers, who are on the verge to earn some serious money.

Well, so far it does sound like a happy-dappy romance flick but wait up, guys. The story takes a rather nightmarish turn when ex professor David Kammerer falls for Lucien Carr and because a teacher-student-relationship would never work out, especially one built on jealousy, you can almost foresee a bloody turning point. The movie is paying tribute to the homosexual romances back in the 1940’s. Daniel Radcliffe really shines in his role as Allen Ginsberg. He manages to bring out each transsexual trait of his character with his doing. In my opinion this drama really is worth your coin. Homophobes, however, may prepare for a personal confrontation therapy.

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