Midnight Peepshow – the name of this label truly determines the style. Here, everything revolves around sensual curves and seductive lingerie. This is passionate underwear fashion for all those who love their body and want to emphasize and put her femininity into the limelight with fiery corsages and sexy panties.

The British label shows thrilling fashion for long and crazy nights, unfolding new possibilities to make your partner happy. Who has always wanted to present themselves in a sexy way, should definitely turn to this brand. The corsets are available in many designs, underlining g your femaleness and transforming you into a Femme Fatale in no time.

One example of unprecedented sensuality is the black corset with sewn-on skirt. The promising leather is completed with gathered leopard frill elements which are attached to the décolleté and the skirt. A bow is positioned on the neckline additionally, while a discreet button border and incorporated supporting bars, which will shape your body beautifully, complete the seductive design.

A divine corset on the other hand is short and combined with a matching panty. Thanks to the delicate shimmering of the fabric and the floral embroideries this feminine model appears extremely romantic. A version in a classic black and white will draw the attention to the décolleté. Lace, frills, gathers and bows stand for the lavish designs of Midnight Peepshow.

On July 8th and July 9th you will have the chance to see these design highlights live, because Midnight Peepshow will present their creations during the London Edge Fair, which is part of the Berlin Fashion Week.

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