Muschi Kreuzberg – not only a label, but a big name in the metropolis that is called Berlin. You could regard the founding history of this brand as an incredible clash between incredible people. That sounds too good to be true, right?

Provocative, wild and simply different, that’s the “black” collection of the brand, which is presented by real gangster. The style is unique, basically an exciting mixture of hip hop, hipster and the so called “Kreuzberger” charm. You will find hoodies, caps and tee’s with crazy prints and patterns, which match the street wear of Berlin. The tee’s come with great prints like “HH – Hood Hood”, “Hard Knock Wife” and guns in an old-school stick look.

If you love Berlin, you have to get to know this brand. It perfectly brings together the street wear look of Kreuzberg and the “hip” of the city.

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