POSHet! Is the label of the young designer Ana Nogueira. After she got to know the world of management, working in 5-star hotels, she finally decided to move to Malta where she could pursue her favorite hobby and real dream. Art and design. Her experiences in the field of luxury hotels however helped Ana to found her own label. Efficiently using a small budget, setting up an excellent customer service are some of the aspects crucial for management which Ana took into her new life.

Her latest collection for the spring and summer 2014 mainly consists of ethnic patterned fabrics, pictures of icons and leather. With her new clothing line, she doesn’t only place the focus on images of the Madonna nevertheless. Different indigenous peoples are in the center of her designs as well, giving her collection a young and fresh character,

The bags by POSHet! are companions you can take with you if you are travelling. How about a fashionable trip to Africa or Australia with the following stylish beauties? The graphic and colorful drawings of these continents’ indigenous peoples namely embellish the new shopper bags and clutches by Ana. The plain-colored leather bags on the other hand are more discreet. I personally love the use of the famous oil painting Our Lady of Guadalupe which has been incorporated into the designs.

The items by POSHet! definitely hit the bull’s eye when it comes to appealing to nowadays’ youth culture. The designs are simple but when considering the craftsmanship required creating them, they can indeed be called complex. Different motifs are put into the limelight virtuously. This is exactly why this brand is taking place in the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Malta  this week. Don’t miss the brand’s show!

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