Do you want to dance all night long and are you looking for the right shoes to wear? This is not as easy as you believe and requires some practice! Preferably, you already own them for a while such that you already had the chance to wear them before. Trying out new shoes for a whole night is not the best idea and guarantees blisters on your feet.

But sneakers don’t really look good on evening wear or cocktail dresses. Unfortunately, that includes a wide range of comfortable shoes. The best pair of shoes for an evening dress would be the high heels which elongate the legs and have great charisma.

Pay attention to a few things. Depending on how confident you feel in high heels, you should adjust the heel height. 10 cm aren’t really suitable for a long night. A heel height of 5 to 7 cm is sufficient in any case. Also, you should refrain from stiletto heels and choose a wider option for better grip.

With the right heel height, a wide heel and the right size for a good fit, nothing can go wrong! The most important thing is that you feel comfortable in your shoes.