I already told you about EvE Online a few times now.

I’m sure you read my article about the most expensive online war ever fought. 300.000$ were blown just because a bill wasn’t paid. And of course you also stumbled across the article about the coming Eve game by the developer CCP, where EvE Online players can interact and play along with EvE Valkyrie players!

But why am I thinking that now is the right time to start with this game? The developer CCP is having a huge festival every year with lots of booze, news, freebies and so much more at their headquarters in Reykjavik in Iceland. For all those who can’t attend the EvE Fanfest, there are also presents! For example, there’s currently a huge sale on the starter pack on  Amazon and Steam. It’s currently only $5 instead of $20! This pack contains everything you need to start your own story in the universe: Various space ships, skill books to learn the most important starting skills and lots of space ship equipment. And even a whole 44 days of playtime is included!

Now, what’s getting me so excited about this game? It’s mostly these three aspects:

a) The economy in this game is similar to our real-life economy
b) This world is only controlled by players, we are the ones making the laws and control the zones
c) The community is very mature and can’t be compared to any other Online Game’s community.

You really start as an empty book in this game and you can become anything you want. You want to learn how to fly a $4000 Titan Space Ship? You can be a space pirate and shoot others for no reason! However, you can even become a space broker and invest your funds in the largest corporations – which are all led by players by the way – in the game! Or would you rather be a space trucker, who’s getting paid by other players to transport large freights from one place to another? For all of you scientists, adventurers and hackers there also is a place – the wormholes! Be careful however, if you’re unlucky, you’ll never get out of a wormhole again!

A thing that may be considered negative by some players is that the game is going to torment you for the first few months. For a game with such a large variety of ways of playing it also is extremely complex. Moreover, it costs 15€ a month. The ones of you who manage to get over the first metaphorical skill-platform in the game however, will be making more than enough money (ISK) in the game to buy game time with ISK instead of real money!

eve 2

I really suggest you try out the 14-day-trial!http://www.eveonline.com/

Image Source: http://www.eveonline.com/