Hello fellow beauty lovers.

In less than 2 weeks our mothers are having a very special day for themselves and I am here bearing gifts, well, promotion codes for all of you, who don’t know how to show your beloved mum that you love her.

Use the Code MAF15PTM on FLACONI to get a total of 15% off your purchase and what’s even better: You get I LOVE MILKA chocolate for free when you purchase something from their site right now.

I personally ordered the Coco Noir fragrance by Chanel for my dear mother yesterday and was able to save approximately 10€ on my purchase and I’d have to lie if I would say that I don’t look forward to those treats by Milka.

But if you’re looking for brands that can’t be found that easily (like Urban Decay) I’m sure you’ll find something on
With the Code ANGEBOTDE14 (valid up until the 30th of April) you’ll get 15% off everything. With MAKEUPDE14 on NEWSCENT you’ll also get 15% off your purchase but limited to makeup and fragrances. The upside is that you’re able to use these last two codes beyond today.

Have fun, bargain hunter.

Yours truly,

Lana Hoang